The weather is getting warmer the trees are blooming. Spring is here. It’s a new season and for many of us spring season comes with spring cleaning. The history books suggest the origin of the spring cleaning is an ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleansing the home in anticipation of the spring time memorial feast. While the act of cleaning may not be very appealing, for our finances it is definitely needed.

Financial spring cleaning should help to amongst other things serve as a time of reflection and also a time of review. How would one go about financial spring cleaning? Consider the following:

  • Get re-organised. Make sure the important documentation you keep is stored safely and is up to date. Out dated statements and clutter should be disposed of properly.
  • Review the budget and get rid of the winter expenditures. As the season changes some expenses are no longer relevant. Make sure to make sure your budget is season relevant.
  • Assess your debt. It is a good idea at the time when you review your budget to relook your debt. Make sure you know who it is that you are paying and how much you are paying.
  • Do a Credit Check. If you have not done one recently or this year then it is certainly time to do one. A credit check will also help you in determining who you owe money to and it goes a long way in protecting yourself from fraud.

Proverbs 27:23 says “Be diligent to know the state of your folks and attend to your flocks”. The Bible here speaks about knowing the exact state of your financial affairs, not only to know what the state of your affairs is but also to care for your affairs. The Bible often refers to a good steward in many respects. As we enter into a new season, refresh your financial affairs and leave the clutter of the old season in the past.

Lesetja Madiba is a Financial Wellness Consultant at Citadel.

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